Jan 31, 2007

Let it SNOW, doodlbg!

HEMI in Snow
My truck in the snow...

I am in Conway, Arkansas, as I write this post. And there is snow all over the place! It did not snow on the way up here, but as the group I am with ate supper, the snow began to fall... When we came out from eating, cars and roads were covered. In fact, everything a bit slick, as was evidenced by the numerous vehicles we spied in ditches along the way back to the hotel...

Since I knew the trip to Conway would be long, and at the time I thought I might run into some bad weather, I figured I would occupy my time. Much of it was spent flipping from one radio station to another... Whoopie! (That's sarcasm, for those who do not recognize it). At some point, however, I thought it would be different to jot down the web addresses I saw along the way. Most of them were on the backs or sides of 18-wheelers... Maersk was the first one I spotted. As it turns out, the next one I spotted said PONL.com, but that also took me to Maersk. So, we learned that Maersk and POLN are run by the same folks... Don't say I never taught you anything! :-) Next on the list was Hill-Rom. The name was familiar, but I couldn't place anything they did... Medical supplies, as it turns out... I passed a Bob Evans truck, and the jingle from my childhood instantly popped in my head: "Bob Evans....Down on the farm!" Hey, I never said it was a prize-winner.... Finally, the last address I wrote down (having grown both bored with the game and tired of driving) was Forbes-Hewlett. Part of the reason for ending the game came in the form of a license plate - DOODLBG. It was attached to a red (or perhaps orange) new-style VW Bug. Yes, in fact, it WAS a doodle-bug! :-)

I debated whether or not to include this next item, and well, here it is, for what it's worth (nothing, really)... One of the trucks I passed (none of the ones mentioned above!), had a mudflap that read, "Be a flirt, lift yer shirt." Now, this was a new expression to me, so naturally, I looked it up online. I'm not an idiot, I know what it MEANS, but I was trying to understand just how anyone would think this was an effective means as a 'call to action.' Now, the truck's flap said "YER" but that got me nowhere. Changing the term to "YOUR shirt" brought up all kinds of sites. Some people sell hats, stickers, you name it, with that on it. But, one site that seemed intriguing had people asking other people if they actually DID IT. Now, for the record, this was/is a British site, but I was surprised at how many people said they had flashed a trucker... And some were doing much more than lifting their shirts, according to their own posts... My first question, upon seeing the phrase was "what kind of redneck would put such a thing on their truck?" But, after reading through more than my share of tales, I began to wonder, "What kind of woman would DO this?" Now, some of the women posting said they did it in college or when they were a teen... One woman even said she wished she hadn't done it, because of stupid and meaningless it was... I don't know. But, I *do* know that those are six words that will *NOT* be scrolling on my LED license frame..... :-)

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