Jan 8, 2007

Will't, Wont to, and not the same old Apprentice...

Evidently, there are words being formed each and every day. For example, the kiddos at Prescott Elementary have created their own contraction: Will't - as in Will It... Used in context: "We're going to the cafeteria." "Oh, will't have milk and cookies?" Willit, and it's contraction, Will't... Learn them - they'll be on the benchmark...

Ah, but why should things end there? How about taking a contraction and making it whole? Apparently, the students 'wont to' do many things.... At least, that's how they WRITE it... When asked if the students in question "wont to" do something, as opposed to "WANT to" do it, they simply nod in agreement. "You WONT to have a puppy?" "Yes!" "Don't you mean, 'you WANT to have a puppy?'" "That's what I said! I WONT to have a puppy!"

Somehow, I don't think there any winning this one... You see, I have been having this same argument with folks ever since I came to Arkansas... Things like the word "pin." You see, down here, "pin" when spoken can mean a straight pin, a writing utensil, or the place where a pig stays.... And, my all time favorite is 'bald shrimp.' You see, I had no idea shrimp had hair to begin with... 'Oh, wait, you mean "BOILED" shrimp?' 'That's what I said, "bald shrimp!"' 'Nevermind...'

Please, Mr. Trump, bring back George and Carolyn. Ivanka just doesn't have what it takes to be taken seriously. Come on... Look, I know Carolyn got axed because she was concentrating more on her publicity (that YOU created, Mr. Trump) than her work... oh wait a minute... Isn't she just emulating her supervisor?? Hmm... And, where is George?? Having the 'winning' PM sit in George's spot is stupid. At first, I thought it was a neat twist. Instead, it comes off as ridiculous. Really.... And, look, I know Robin has her duties in NYC, but come on, simply yelling at the folks waiting to fired is very unprofessional... Give Robin her day in the sun, and then she can be fired and join Carolyn in their world-wide publicity tour!

For 'fun,' I ran 3DMark05 on my computer at work, and then on my computer at the house. Now, why use 05 when it is 07? For starters, the newest version is only 06 at the time of this writing.. Secondly, the 06 version requires much more up-to-date hardware then I have on either of those machines... Now, on COMPARABLY-EQUIPPED computers, the one at work ranks 11th and the one at the house ranks 1st! Not bad, right? Kinda.. It's a lot like comparing your 2004 Dodge Ram to comparably equipped 2004 Dodge Rams... The big difference would be that maybe I had, say, better quality gas, or maybe I installed one of those performance mod chips... It'd still be comparing apples to apples...er, uh, PCs in this case... Of course, for fun, I compared my home computer to all the other systems tested... Mine came in at the 1.5 million mark... Yes, that means there are 1.5 MILLION configurations/computers that perform better than my home pc... LOL.. What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Nothing....

You see, in my opinion, as long as your computer does what YOU need it to do, then you're just fine. When your computer can't do what YOU need it to (or want it to), then it's time to look at upgrading... (There ya go, free computer consulting, and you get what you pay for, right?) :-)

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