Jan 10, 2007

Kids make you fat... and roller coasters...

While driving into work this morning, I heard a story on the radio: Having the kids at home makes adults eat more fatty foods. First Mickey D's made us fat, now it's our children making us fat... Next, kids will be the number one source of stress... Oh, wait... Nevermind... :-) Just kidding! But, I'm sure they will cause cancer by the time it's all said and done....

Look, Ma, No Hands!

I was poking around the 'net last night, looking for virtual roller coasters. Why? Who knows, just something that..well..popped in my head, really... So I found a couple of interactive roller coasters that were kinda neat:
Java-based physics model uses the roller coaster to show the effects of height, speed, weight, gravity and more... For the record, I was able to make the coaster get stuck in the upside-down position in the loop... :-) (Click on picture above to see the gory details...)

The Make Tracks roller coaster program is a Shockwave-based program in which you drag and drop pieces onto a track and watch the effects (includes a "I wanna ride!" 1st person option).

Of course, my favorite find was not a virtual coaster, but a video of a coaster someone had designed using Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Please note, this video contains cartoon violence (for lack of a better word):
Roller Coaster Massacre

Did you watch "Boston Legal" Tuesday night?? Hilarious stuff!! Do you think the writers will ever have Denny Crane or Alan Shore actually LOSE a case?? I doubt it...and I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad one... Hmm...

A house burned down in Prescott Tuesday afternoon... The story as I understand it goes something like this: A family moves out of the house, but still has some of their belongings there. A relative (young guy - teenager, maybe?) goes to the house and starts cooking something in the microwave. Whatever it is catches fire. In his panic, he runs away. By the time someone called the fire station, flames were shooting out of the house. At one point, the flames were so high, they could be seen from the highway about two blocks away... Let's back up here... The kid ran away when the microwave caught on fire... Now, I'm not saying he should have stayed to fight the fire himself, and I understand that he was scared since he wasn't supposed to be in the house, but still.... Yeesh.

Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken, Jr. were both elected to the baseball Hall of Fame the other day! I happen to be a big fan of both guys, and they deserve to be honored among those who have been honored before them!! Awesome!!

Cal Ripken Jr.Tony Gwynn

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