Jan 17, 2007

More Biggest Loser workout and other random stuff

Tuesday night, we did the weights portion of the Biggest Loser workout video/dvd... Much easier than the first night, I can tell you that! Of course, part of that may be because there is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks I can bend the way they do! LOL, though it was funny to see the one guy on there do about what I did, so I didnt feel TOO bad... :-)

Watched the Disney movie "Jump In" the other night (I may have blogged it, who knows). Anyway, like dit so much, I surprised the kids by buying the soundtrack. Now I'll be bumpin in the ol' Hemi.. :-) Oh yeah, the kids get to listen to it to...sometimes... :-)

I've been Chuzzling, as you may know, and collecting some of the trophies along the way. Mindless (well, not quite) fun, for sure!

Somehow, we managed to miss American Idol Tuesday night! UGH! We had the DVR set to record all episodes of AI, but something went wrong...very, very wrong... :-( Well, hopefully, it's taping tonight (yes, I have the TV off so I dont watch until Shan and the kids are here....its..not...easy....to..resist....remote...control...) LOL

But, we did watch Boston Legal... Man, I love that show! :-) Though, I have to admit, the sex-starved chick is getting to be a bit much... Bethany tackling Denny was great, though! :-)

Warning: Work-related entry ahead - I had a school that had been having problems with their distance learning classes ever since the Christmas break. I called the powers that be (which got me no where, thank you) and after two weeks of running back and forth troubleshooting, something finally clicked in my pea-brain today. So, I grabbed a fiber-to-ethernet media converter and headed the 35 miles south to the school. I ran a few tests, swapped media converters, and POW! Back in business! Why is this a big deal? because I had forgotten my own rule of thumb... Start at the end points and work your way out... Now, in my own defense, when I ran the ping tests over the last few weeks, they appeared to be normal. It wasnt until today I saw that he problem was internal to their network and not something outside their network.... In the end, everything was working AND, the best part, I talked with the High School Principal AND Superintendent about getting it fixed!! :-) Talk about good PR for me!! The Supt was impressed and I told him to remember this when it cam time for my annual review! :-) (All the Supts take part in my annual performance review... In a way, I have about 35 or so 'bosses' - Supts, Principals, DL Facilitators, the Co-op Teacher Center Coordinator, and the Co-op Director...)

As you may remember, I have been playing around Yahoo! Answers lately.... Okay, some of the questions are kinda out there, and I really wish people would SEARCH for an answer to their question BEFORE they ask it... I cannot tell you how many "How do I set up a network" questions there are... Or, my personal favorite, "Whats this song?" with some lyrics posted... Maybe people don't think about it, but if you ever want to know the name of a song, or who sings it, just go to Google and type some of the lyrics followed by the word LYRICS...
Example? push it push it to the limit lyrics
There ya go.. Easy as pie... Not sure of the lyrics? Type what you THINK they are or even the few words you DO know... You'd be surprised... Have fun... :-) And if you really wanna have fun, try KissThisGuy, a site of misheard lyrics... Some of them are HILARIOUS! Of course, my all-time favorite is: "Sweet Dreams are made of pizza...who am I to disagree?" Sung by my own brother, so many years ago... :-)

Until next time....

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  1. Dave, I really enjoy this site. I am sad too that your dad won't be home for the kid's birthdays. We think this trip to Scotland will be a once in a life time trip. I can only hope when the kids are older they will understand. I love you, Mom