Jan 20, 2007

More shopping swap-outs and you're a bus.

Have you paying attention to what people are "swapping out" at the store lately? You know what I mean, when you find a child's outfit in the cereal aisle because the shopper decided they needed Shredded Wheat more than the outfit... Now, I can understand finding various toys in the food section. Afterall, how many of our parents would slyly take the toy out of the shopping cart when we weren't looking? Or, it is even possible that the action figure lost the battle with the Pop Tarts... :-)

Maybe it's just me, but is it really THAT hard to return the shopping cart to the corral? I mean, at most places that provide shopping carts, the corrals are closer than walking the cart back to the store, right? Yet, people just leave them in their parking space, or in the space next to their car, or rolling down the road for that matter.... Come on, when you take the cart to the car, walk the few feet and put the cart where it goes. It won't kill you. Really. And, while you're there, take two seconds and line the carts up together. How hard is that?? Yes, I know there are people who get paid to collect the carts, but how would YOU like to have to travel all over the blankety-blank parking lot chasing shopping carts in the pouring rain... I know what you may be thinking, "Why should *I* walk in the rain? *I* am not getting paid for it!" You're right. You're not, and no one will pat you on the back for doing it. And that is exactly why you SHOULD do it... Okay, I'm done preaching... :-)

Many of you may already know this, but it is something I had never thought of before... While in line at the DQ, Shan looked at the vehicle ahead of us and said, "I would never own a Subaru..." Think it had to do with fact that the vehicle in front of was falling apart, I prepared myself for something along those lines. Instead, she said, "...because Subaru backwards is "U R A Bus!" And you thought what popped in *MY* head was out there.... :-)

While walking around Wal-Mart, I saw a remote control Dukes of Hazard car that plays the "Dixie" song when you press a button.... And I thought, "ya know, I could modify that to hold a PC..." I told Shan, and she said I could have it play the song when I turned it on! Brilliant!! :-)

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