Jan 15, 2007

Burying the van, being killed by Bob, and interacting with the Globes

We had 5-6 inches of rain fall during the latest bout of bad weather. This translates to very, VERY mushy ground. Since we do not have a paved drive (okay, really, it isn't even gravel...in fact, really, we park in the yard), when we came home from church on Sunday, I decided to take the 'shortcut' around the trampoline to park. Did I mention MUSHY? Okay, so the van sunk in the mud... Being the brilliant person I am, I got out to push the van out of trouble... Yes, in my Sunday church clothes, in the pouring rain... Disclaimer: No one ever accused me of being smart. Now, I shouldn't tell on anyone by name, but I will just say that the adult who was in the passenger seat slid over to give the van some gas as I pushed. After pushing a couple times and getting nowhere fast, I finally had to ask if the vehicle was in drive... It wasn't...

Well, after some pushing, and after my father-in-law and brother-in-law came out, we got the van moved to rocky ground (translated as 'ground that is not sinking'). Yeah, so how stupid did *I* feel!? Yeesh... Moral of the story: If you're going through mud, keep on going, don't slow down, you might get out before your father-in-law even knows... (Yes, sing the tune....) :-)

We decided to take the kids shopping today (yes, in the 32-degree weather) so they could finally spend the Sears cards that were burning holes in their pockets since Christmas... Well, while at Sears, we saw a video for Biggest Loser with workouts. We read the box, and saw there were a couple of 'low cardio' workouts that we figured would be good for all of us... Easy to do, low-impact, etc etc... What's that old saying?? Never judge a Workout DVD by the description on the box? If I'm not mistaken, my heart has yet to fully recover a good TWO HOURS later! And, I think I used to be able to walk... HOLY COW! Yes, it is low-impact. It is also a SERIOUS workout for people who generally lay dormant for much of the day... I had to bail out of a couple exercises, all the while, Bob is on the screen saying, "Don't give up! Get back in there and you can do it!" Like he was watching me fall over, writhing in pain, out of breath.... Dang it... Tomorrow, we try the weight training... If there is no blog entry tomorrow, it's because my arms fell off...

The Golden Globes were on Monday night, and Shan asked if I had gone on to NBC.COM to register for the $5000 prize. I had not, so I logged in and got sucked into the interactive experience..predicting who would win, answering trivia questions, etc.. It was a lot of fun! I missed a lot of the questions because we worked out during part of the show and I read Emily's bedtime story (currently, "Charlotte's Web"). I ended up with about 9500 points, which I dont think is TOO bad since I wasn't there for all the questions/voting... Top ten ranged from 29000+ down to 24000+ points... The live blog was kinda cool, though "Golden Girl" was more interested in whether actors were looking at her boobs (as evident by the entries she posted) that much of anything else... whatever.... In any case, it was fun....

Oh, the kids got videos with their Sears cards, and Emily got a shirt, too... Shows what a good shopper she is! :-) Of course, she wanted something that cost 50 bucks, and then thought about a riding lawnmower... I told her that if there was a misplaced decimal point, she just might be able to get that mower... Unfortunately for her, the decimal was in the correct place... :-)

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  1. You dork! Stuck in the mud? And then Shan didn't know the van wasn't in Drive? She's been driving how long now? Long enough to know that if the van is stopped, the driver gets out, and she slides behind the wheel, you need to put in drive! Hysterical!

    Glad the kiddos finally got to go shopping! Hope they had fun! I knew Em was a smart shopper!

    Didn't watch the GG Awards. I was too busy trying to get and stay warm. (No, not doing THAT) and I watched the stuff on CBS.