Jan 30, 2007

Poverty and Laziness are Brothers??

I should work on posting more often... Not because I know there are folks who quit dropping by since I haven't updated, and not because I have gobs of stuff to say. But, when I do finally post, I have so many things running around in my head that I either forget things, or my post becomes an 'epistle' (as I have been told.. LOL). Be all that as it may, buckle up... This could be a bumpy ride... :-)

I had something of a brainstorm (or brain fart, perhaps) a while ago, and decided that I could upgrade my home computer and the kids' computer in one fell swoop. So, I ordered a computer (or, enough parts put together that I could use some of the parts from the existing computers). I couldn't decide between a yellow case or a blue one. The yellow one looked very cool (thought the blue would have probably matched my truck), so I got it along with (what I thought was) a matching keyboard and mouse. I'll post pictures, though pictures are deceiving. You see, in pictures, the keyboard and mouse are a bright yellow (what I call 'Corvette' yellow), and the case matches perfectly. In real life, however, the case is, umm... well... technically, it has yellow in it, though it's more like something one might find on the receiving end of a bad diaper change.... I couldn't believe I had made such a visual error. But, it turns out, when you take a PICTURE of the case with a flash, it *IS* Corvette yellow... It is truly one of the weirdest things...

None of that really matters because of two reasons: 1) The case sits in the 'tower' compartment of the desk, so you really can't see much of it, and 2) when you turn it on, the whole things lights up with blue LEDs! It is so cool! ("Wicked Sick" or "Tight" may also be substituted here) Like I said, I'll post pictures... There is also something of a saga behind the purchase, and it has been building as a 'draft' post. I haven't decided if sharing my story would help or hurt... By hurt, I mean "hurt" as is letting people see what can really go through this head of mine.. LOL

We've been watching Idol, Nashville Star, and Apprentice... Emily and I also watch Cowboy U. I love that show! I thought it was pretty cool that Idol showed a couple folks from Arkansas. The guy from SAU (Southern Arkansas University) wasn't bad (or I didn't think so). We did not get to see the guy who made it through because that was during the 'black-out' version (see earlier post, if you forgot). On Nashville Star, Randy Owens keeps telling Zac Hackett to pick songs people know, but Zac is so good that you don't even realize he's singing something you've never heard! We were bopping along by the end of his "Memphis Women..." Of course, I have to say David St. Romain (DSR) is probably the best guy there, though the Tom Petty-looking dude is okay. Angela's voice is like Tanya Tuckers, if Tanya had smoked about 3 packs of cigs a day..raw, raspy, almost too much, really... And, off the top of my head, I don't remember the other women's names but tune in and you can learn 'em... LOL

Found out Dad is going to Iraq. He's been in Kuwait so far. He is going to a 'green zone,' and is apparently the most fortified 'green zone' in the area. Scary and adventurous all in one... The way the 'vacations' work, he won't be able to be here for the kids' birthdays, and he sent them a card (e-card) letting them know how much he misses them and that he hopes he never has to miss another of their birthdays. Emily came in and sat in my lap, crying. But after we talked about it for a bit, she was back up and running around. She is very resilient. Not sure how Tyler took it - he is a lot like his Daddy - keeps a lot of things inside... He'll talk when he's ready.. :-)

"Poverty and Laziness are Brothers" This is on a church sign that I pass each day coming to work (they change the sign at least once a week, usually more often). I thought about that. Brothers?? Cousins maybe, but not brothers. There are very, very wealthy people in this world who never lift a finger for anything. They are lazy and have no motivation to do anything because they don't "have" to. There are very, very poor people in this world who bust their tails every single day, working 2 or 3 jobs just to scrape by in poverty, and who wouldn't be caught dead lounging around being waited on hand-and-foot. Yes, some people are both lazy and in poverty, but I wonder what that ratio really is... The ratio of lazy poor people to bust-their-ass poor people, the ratio of lazy poor people to lazy rich people.... The other thing I thought about was that this sign is not in an affluent area. I am not in poverty and (generally) I am not lazy, and I have to say I am pretty offended at the message (or the 'tone' maybe?).... So, what am I going to do about it? Probably nothing.... (that's the lazy part of me, I guess)

The Sharepoint saga has been growing into something epic. And, to make matters worse (or better?), every time we call Microsoft, we spend so much time on hold that we eventually stumble on the answer we were looking for. Well, almost. If you ever have the need or inclination to install Sharepoint, I recommend reading a few of the online guides from Microsoft and others. And even then, be prepared to blow everything away and start over again at any given moment. The last time I had this much trouble setting up and configuring software, was about 5 years ago when I 'played' with a very young version of SuSe Linux... UGH... Installing Sharepoint is not for the feint of heart. As John said, "Our mistake was not contracting with someone to come set the (danged) thing up!" Amen, brother!

See? I had some other things I was going to spew forth from the rattlings in my head, but I have forgotten them... I really need to post more often....

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