Jan 24, 2007

American Id.....uh...??

We decided we weren't going to watch Pres. Geo's address (LOL, decided, like we were ever going to watch it, that's funny...), and instead, we set the DVR to record American Idol while we did the Biggest Loser workout.

After the workout was over and we all time to recover (well, recover enough anyway), we began watching American Idol (Memphis). Almost exactly halfway through, in the middle of a commercial, the playback stops (freezes) and the screen goes blank... UUUUGGGHHH!!!! The timer still shows things progressing, but the screen is black... Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, Ted.... So, we saw all of day 1, but none of day 2... Tartar Sauce!

So, the Steelers hired a defensive coach to head the team... A defensive coach whose previous team had the WORST defensive record in the NFL... Umm... Maybe it's just me, but WHAT THE BLANKETY-BLANK ARE THE ROONEYS THINKING!?!?!? As they say in Star Wars: I have a bad feeling about this..... Maybe I'll be proved wrong....

Tyler came to me last night and said, "You know that Yahoo Answers thing you do? Well, if you want, I could help answer some Pokemon questions on there..." So, this morning before work/school, we did just that. We sat on the couch, I searched for open Pokemon questions, and we answered them - sometimes truly, sometimes with just a smart-alec remark (depending on the question and how many answers were already posted). It was one of those cool Father-Son bonding things... :-)

We've been (TRYING) to set up the new Portal software for work... We're on the 4th or 5th attempt... What should be straightforward is more like installing software with the instructions written by Billy of the Family Circus - a lot of going here and there, not really sure that where you're going will take you to where you WANT to go.... :-)

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