Apr 17, 2008

That's My Boy!

Tyler plays little league and is on the White Sox team this year. His team scored 11 runs tonight. In fact, his first at-bat of the season resulted in a first-pitch over-the-fence home run! Awesome stuff for the 11/12-year old group! And then his 2nd at-bat resulted in an error at first which ultimately led to an inside-the-park home run for him! 2-for-2 with 2 runs - talk about a proud papa!

I was kinda bummed that Kristy got voted off Idol this week, but not really surprised. As I said before, anyone could have been voted off this week because no one had a knock-down, bowl-me-over performance. Well, I am pretty sure we have not heard the last of Kristy Lee Cook.

My Aunt asked if I enjoyed Graceland as much this time as when I first went. I'm not sure what the answer is. The first time we went, I learned a lot about the person behind the persona. I already had that background this time, but we were with folks who had not been through Graceland before, so it was neat to see it through their reactions to things. I don't think we did the car museum or the airplanes last time, so that was cool. There is also a new exhibit called "Private Elvis" about his military days, and that was kinda neat to see.

To answer another question my Aunt asked: How do we know the bride (Karen)? Well, in three ways, really.

Now, it so happens that Shan babysat Karen and Courtney when she was younger. They have known each other for quite some time. Karen caught Shan's bouquet at our wedding. She knocked Shan's sister out of the way to get it, and Karen says that God's sense of humor 'punished' her by making her wait so long to find Mr. Right. LOL!!

Shan and I both worked with Karen's mother (Pat) way back when we worked in Camden, AR, at the Co-op there. Pat was the director of the Early Childhood Program for the education service center when Shan was teaching there. I was the Technology Coordinator for the co-op when Shan and Pat worked there.

And, finally, Pearl (Karen's grandmother) and Michelle's Dad were brother and sister. For reference, Pearl is the white-haired woman in the first slide show being escorted by a tall gentleman. Michelle is in the 2nd slide show hamming it up with Tyler at Graceland.

There will be a quiz later....


  1. WAY TO GO TYLER!!! Nick would be so proud of you, being a little league-er himself at one time.

    a funny thing happened in the slideshow of pics of your dad. It had stopped on the picture of Aunt Pat, him, and your grandparents right before they left for his and your mom's wedding, but the caption that it stopped on was "Dad during one of his many, many soccer games" Pretty formal for soccer, eh?

  2. I think I get it. Karen is Michelle's 2nd cousin! Michelle's first cousin is one of Karen's parents! Karen and Courtney are sisters? So, why wasn't Michelle the babysitter?