Apr 22, 2008

Idol 2 Nite

syesha - one rock-n-roll too many - neither of us knew this song, but we liked it.

jason - memory - sounds flat to me, but then what do i know? bad, ya know it, it's bad.

brooke - you must love me - well, forgetting the words is not a good way to start a song. i guess it wasn't too bad, but not great by any stretch.

david a - think of me - he made the song totally different than the original. He made it his own pop song, and even though i dont like him as a singer, i have to admit this was a very well executed risk.

carly - jesus christ superstar - thank goodness she covered that tattoo. very pop/rock. nice change of pace from the original. but will it resonate with the voting public? we'll see...

david c - music of the night - no suprise here. i would have easily picked him to be the one singing this. i just dont know if he can pull off such a huge song without killing it. he sucks at the whisper-singing thing. i am not impressed with his singing this song. Other than Jason, this was the worst performance of the night. Awful.

name ---- shan ---- dave ---
syesha ---- Y ------- Y ----
jason ----- n ------- n ----
brooke ---- n ------- n ----
david a --- y ------- y ----
carly ----- y ------- y ----
david c --- n ------- n ----

1 comment:

  1. Are nuts? David C nailed that song! Loved it AND him!
    Jason was bad. How does he keep being safe?
    Brooke too.