Apr 23, 2008

Irish Eyes are not smiling tonight...

Voting this week:

Special guest Leona lewis. Please, please let her sing something other than "Bleeding Love." I am so sick of hearing that song. No, of course when you only know one song, I guess it's the only song you get to sing... To borrow a quote from my younger days: Gag me with a spoon, like totally gnarly!

David C - Safe - No surprise
David A - Safe - No Surprise
Syesha - Bottom 2 - What the heck!? How in the world did Syesha get the bottom three? Wow...
Brooke - Safe - Whoa! That is a surprise.
Carly - Bottom 2 - The two best performances last night got the least votes. What is up with American listeners?
Jason - Safe - You have got to be kidding me... UGH.

And who goes home tonight?

Bye, bye Carly. That is surprising, especially after last night's performance. The upside is that she already has CD's that she's cut and she will definitely be cutting more CD's in the future.

1 comment:

  1. Their American VIEWERS, Dave. It's a TV show.....Granted, it requires listening. And I just don't thin America is watching the same show as I am.