Apr 1, 2008

Pictures from Mom's "Early B-Day"

Here are some pictures that were taken during my Mom's "Early Birthday" this past weekend:

Emily made the cake and decorated it with anything she could find! (Aunt Carla helped her!)

Another shot of the "Confetti Cake"

A proud baker for sure!

Yes, Tyler is really THAT tall!!

Carla lights the candles...

Emily anxiously waits for Mimi to blow out the candles!

I think Mom is surprised at how FEW candles they put on the cake! LOL!!

Make a wish!!

Shan tried to turn away from the camera, but I was too fast for her!

This what happens when Shan tries to wrestle the camera away from me!

Carla and Emily get ready to serve up the cake!

I think Emily would rather keep this piece for herself. :-)

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