Apr 27, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Thursday evening, Tyler hit a ball that ended up getting stuck under the fence, so he was given a ground-rule double. Our pitcher had walked in about five runs, so the coach turned to Tyler and asked him if he would pitch. Tyler wanted to think about it for a bit. When the current pitcher asked what Tyler was worried about, Tyler said, "I don't want to make a fool of myself..." The pitcher looked at him and said, "Are you kidding? I walked in 5 runs, how bad could you do!?" Tyler was convinced.

Tyler did not walk in any runs, and only gave up two. He did manage to knock one kid in the back, though. But, he was smokin hot! Struck out several players and forced others into outs. We were all amazed since he hadn't pitched since sometime around the middle of last season!

Oh, then he got up to bat and knocked one OVER THE FENCE, thank you! We heard one of the parents from the other team say, "The relief PITCHER got a home run!?" Heh-heh.. Yeap, that's my boy! :-) The umpire gave Tyler the home run ball after the game, too! How cool was that!?

Saturday, Shan and I went to the Governor's Reception for Arkansas National Board Certified Teachers. I took the camera with us to get a picture of her with the Guv-nuh, but we left it in the van! AUGH! Oh well, we had a very nice time, as there were about 5 presenters who each spoke for about 10 minutes each. It made things flow very smoothly and quickly! We were told to wear "business attire." Now, in my book, that means I had to wear a tie. Judging by some of the folks there, it meant they just had wear clothes at all. Several wore jeans and pull-over shirts. Maybe next time, the organizers need to be more specific....

After the Governor's Reception, Shan wanted to go to War Memorial Stadium for "Car Wars" to see if she could find a good deal on a new van. We looked around, and we saw a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Signature Series van. This thing was LOADED! Here are SOME of the things on it:
  • No Extra Charge Dual DVD System
  • MyGIG® Multimedia Entertainment System with ParkView® rear back up camera
  • Remote Start
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio with 1 Yr Subscription
  • EVIC with tire pressure monitoring system
  • Premium center console
  • Leather-trimmed, heated bucket seats - first and second rows
  • Swivel 'n Go™ seating & storage system
  • Walter P. Chrysler Signature Series badging

On the way home Saturday, the kids were each watching a different DVD while we listened to Sirius Satellite! This thing is AWESOME! I'll post "real" pictures of it soon!

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  1. Trust me, it was sales hype. I hope with all the bells and whistles, as your dad called them, it gets great gas mileage, too. WE are now seeing the trickle down effect of the gas prices.