Apr 2, 2008

Packing The Bags

Alrighty, boys and girls, let's see who is packing up and heading home on Idol tonight...

Michael - Safe - He was very good!
David A - Safe - Not surprised, but dawg I wish he'd go home.
Carly S - Safe - Very good!
David C - Safe - Excellent! He did great last night!
Ramiele - Bottom 3 - DUH, of course she is! She sucked last night.
Kristy - Bottom 3 - Well, she has been living there, so no surprise. The little note was very funny! She just as well put her name on the seat. :-)
Syesha - Safe - Wow, this was a mistake from last night, but overall, she is better than others on here...
Jason - Safe - He was great last night. Glad he made it.
Brooke - Bottom 3 - We weren't surprised....

The Bottom 3 are:
Ramiele, Kristy, and Brooke - Who gets to stay and who is shipping out?

Brooke is safe, and that is exactly right.

The girl packing her bags tonight is Ramiele. I am so glad Kristy made it through again, but the more she is in the bottom three, the better chance she has to get eliminated. I don't know what Kristy needs to do to step up her game, but I think she better figure it out quick!

Okay, I don't see the "Bogus Brothers" (or whatever that group was called) are going to take the charts "by storm..." Thank goodness for DVR.

"It's Tricky!" - Hey, now there's a SingStar song Shan and I are VERY familiar with!! ROTFL!! Great choice for a Ford song.

Dolly's new song, "Jesus and Gravity" was okay. I wish she had done "Better get to livin'" but hey, Dolly is all class and a classic, so no matter what she does, it's all good.

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  1. I actually heard the new Dolly song on the radio today, and it was much better than last nite. I think te sound in that theatre sucks and I think that is the problem with alot of the Idols as well.