Apr 1, 2008

Idol-ing Along...

American Idol

Ah, yes, nothing like starting the night with a dumb "April Fool's" joke. Of course, as soon as he started talking, I turned to Shan and said, "Yeah, yeah, April Fool's" and of course it was... Puh-Leaze...

Dolly Parton is tonight's mentor, so let's what the night has in store.

Singer ----- Shan --- Dave ---
Brooke ------- Y ------ ? ----
David C ------ Y ------ Y ----
Ramiele ------ N ------ N ----
Jason -------- Y ------ Y ----
Carly -------- Y ------ Y ----
David A ------ Y ------ Y ----
Kristy ------- Y ------ Y ----
Syesha ------- Y ------ Y ----
Michael ------ Y ------ Y ----

Brooke - "Jolene" - I heard a version of Jolene not long ago from a young singer and it was very good. I don't think Brooke's version was as good as the other singer's (I wish I could remember who she was). Not Brooke's strongest in my opinion... Shan gave her a YES even though she didn't like it that much, but says she has a good voice.

David Cook - "Little Sparrow" - Wow, I actually liked his version of the song. It actually had a cool rock ballad feel to it. I could see it playing on the radio for a while. Not a Number 1 or anything, but still decent.

Ramiele - "Do I ever cross your mind" - She started out okay, but she lost her voice in and out during the song. Shan said the music is bigger than Ramiele, and I agree. It's alomst like she turned her mic off and on while she was singing. I didn't like it.

Jason - "Travelin Through" - What the heck? It was actually GOOD... I must be getting sick or something. I loved his rendition of this song! He did a great job this week.

Carly - "Here you come again" - I like her voice, and Shan said, "She slowed it down even more than Dolly did." Which means it was a bit too slow, but overall, it was a very nice job. Too bad this isn't "Irish Idol."

David A - "Smoky Mountain Memories" - This was okay. I wasn't brought to tears, but I think he did well, and I think finally gave a glimpse of why he was picked for the show. I am not a fan, but I have to give him some respect for his job tonight.

Kristy - "Coat of many colors" - I think she did great up until the ending... What was that "yeah, yeah" thing? I liked her performance and thought the bare-feet look added to the 'message' of the song....

Syesha - "I will always love you" - Wow, talk about a big song. Let's see if she can top Dolly AND Whitney... It won't be easy. I think she did a good job, and had there never been a "Whitney" version, she'd have a hit on her hands. But, this was no better than the Whitney version, and really almost sounded the same to me, except maybe a key lower. Shan says "Yes, just for those last two notes."

Michael - "It's all wrong, but it's alright" - I like the bluesy tone to this song, and his voice works great with the music arrangement. He is shan's favorite of the night. I think this might be a cool studio song to have. Well done.

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