Apr 15, 2008

Boring Idol...

I still have to update everyone on our weekend in Memphis and post pictures, but I am too tired tonight, so all I have is a bit of Idol for ya:

Tonight was "Mariah Carey" night. I am not a big Carey fan. I think she had a couple songs I liked in the early 90's. I think it's very interesting that American Idol has to TURN AWAY stars that want to be featured, yet they end up with "semi-stars" on the show. Dolly Parton is a star, for sure. Mariah Carey? Maybe once upon a time. Then again, who am I to say, right?

Okay, so she has more #1's than Elvis... I guess she *IS* a star, huh? Then again, if you've followed along much at all, you know I am not an Elvis fan anyway.

-- Name ----- Shan ----- Dave ----
David A ------- ? -------- N? ----
Carly --------- ? -------- ? -----
Syesha -------- ? -------- ? -----
Brooke -------- Y -------- Y -----
Kristy -------- Y -------- N -----
David C ------- N -------- Y -----
Jason --------- N -------- N -----

David A - "When You Believe" - It was okay, but like Shan said, "I'm Bored." I found myself actually nodding off to this after having watched the finale of "Biggest Loser" tonight. The finale was much better than his performance. I have to disagree with Randy, it was a BOMB not "da bomb."

Carly - "Without You" - I wanted to like this, but I just never got into it. It was okay, but nothing special.

Syesha - "Vanishing" - Well, I am a huge Syesha fan, and this just kind of sat there for me. Nothing spectacular. Maybe there's something in my water, but so far I'm just not impressed with the performances tonight.

Brooke - "Hero" - I like the 'country' sound of her version. I think she actually did a very good job!

Kristy - "Forever" - This sounded like it was from the 50's or something. I'm not feeling it. Another sleeper tonight. Shan says she would listen to this. I would probably turn the station...

David C - "Always Be My Baby" - I kinda liked the 'Seattle' sound of the song, but he sounds like he is trying too hard to sound like the lead singer from Matchbox Twenty. I liked it, but Shan didn't.

Jason - "I dont wanna cry" - Well, it's time to break out the pillows because we're going to sleep again. Mariah had a bunch of up-tempo hit songs, yet no one wanted to go anywhere near those. What gives? SNOOZER!

Shan and I agree that anyone could get voted off tomorrow and we wouldn't be surprised a bit.

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