Jan 9, 2008

Thank you, Ms. Clinton

I've watched the Hillary Clinton video at least half a dozen times, and I have to say I do not understand the big hoopla over her "breakdown." First of all, not once did I see tears streaming down her face or anything even close. Her voice cracked a couple times, but she was in the middle of a very personal statement. Frankly, I think every candidate should be as emotional when they are talking about what it means to them to be President of the United States of America.

I am not a Clinton-backer by any stretch. I also do not support Osama-bama, who actually has yet to exhibit any kind of emotion at all from what I have seen. I refuse to vote for ANYONE who does not pledge allegiance to our national flag, sing our national anthem, or whatever else he refuses to do that is basically ANTI-American in my opinion. Yes, we have freedom OF speech and not FROM speech, but there some things that I hold dear and true in my heart about what it means to be AMERICAN.

If someone is going to run for the head office in our country, they had better damn well LOVE and HONOR our country. No one gave Dan Rather crap when he broke down after 9/11....

Thank you, Ms. Clinton, for showing emotion and feeling.


  1. Here Here, Dave, Here Here! Obama is not president worthy. I think that he shouldn't even be permitted to run after his display of lack of patriotism. As president, you ARE this country's symbolic leader. How can you not respect the country's other symbols?

  2. Wow, I totally agree with you about Hillary's ]GASP[ show of emotion. We agree that the next President needs to start working right away, which excludes Obama. Experience is not a bad word.