Jan 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, General Lee

No, not the car from Dukes of Hazzard.

In Arkansas, we celebrate MLK and Gen. Robert E. Lee's birthday on the same day. We're allowed to "choose" which holiday we'd like to celebrate. State offices, schools, etc, are closed in observance of the combined holiday. Mississippi and Alabama are the only other two states that also give their residents a choice.

So, if you had today off, then feel free to pay homage to whichever person you wish.

Tyler's basketball team won their tournament!! On Saturday, Tyler had to guard a kid that was at least a head taller, if not a head and a half. This was a big boy, and Tyler hung in there. The kid finally so ticked off at Tyler's ability to keep him guarded that he finally just dumped Tyler on the ground and got a foul. Did that deter Tyler? Nope, he got back up and kept right on guarding him. Excellent!

I know the writer's strike has caused all of our favorite shows to come to a stand-still, but we watched whatever new episode of Boston Legal ABC ran, and I have to say that I was glad to see they gave Denny Crane his dignity back. The show has been turning Denny Crane into a bumbling idiot, and I am so sick of it, I almost hate watching the show anymore. His court appearance was classic Denny Crane without the stupid "mad cow" thing (okay there was a little of it). I do not for one moment believe there is an ABC writer out there who is reading this, but on the off chance a Google search for "Boston Legal Denny Crane" brings people to this post, I want to let the writers know that I am one BL fan who is SICK AND TIRED of William Shatner's character being treated like a blabbering, mindless buffoon. Give Denny Crane back to us.

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