Jan 17, 2008

Random (not so deep) Thoughts

Tyler had a basketball game on Wednesday night, so as Mom and I drove to the game, we passed by a Ford dealership, and because the new season of American Idol was fresh in my mind, I noticed something:

I know I am not anywhere near being the first person to notice this, but, um, the AI logo looks remarkably similar to the Ford logo. And, wouldn't you know it? Ford SPONSORS Idol! Hmmm... Coincidence? I'm not thinkin' so.

Speaking of Idol, Shan and I have been enjoying watching the good, bad, and ugly. At least this year, they seem to be showing more of the folks who actually make it to Hollywood. We both wish Idol would show at least a snippet and a name of each person who made it. Yeah, the goofballs are fun to watch, but really, Idol should be past the point of using those gimmicks to get people to watch. Look, loyal watchers will keep watching. How many new viewers are really coming to Idol? I'd guess not many. So, keep trimming the bad auditions, and hype up the good ones.

I read an article about a virtual school in Texas that kinda mixes the home-schooling idea with state standards-based requirements. An excellent idea, though to me, there is room for improvement. This is an excerpt I wrote in an email to my colleagues (we were discussing the article):
I think this is a great concept. I think the only drawback is that the students have to be at home to participate. Not everyone can be a stay-at-home parent. If the school district would offer the same program within the school building's walls, it could be a wonderful way for kids to learn. The fact that there are certified teachers monitoring and teaching/facilitating, and that the students are held to the same standards as any other public school student, goes a long way from the 'home schooling' scenario, and as it is set up currently, actually competes head-on with home-schooled programs.

I hate when so-called 'experts' come in and say things like "nothing is conclusive as to whether or not these classes are any better than traditional classes." Here's evidence for you - the student performs better in front of a computer-based environment than in a traditional classroom setting. Period. Is it "better?" For that child, yes. For every child? No. But, isn't that the whole theory behind multiple intelligences anyway!? People do not learn the same way. DUH!

Like I said, I think what would make this program even more successful (or programs like it) would be to offer the same opportunity to students who could not stay at home, so that you'd have students at home and students in the building all enrolled in the same virtual classes. I guess those would "virtually virtual" classes... :-)

Have you ever noticed that your vehicle is only cluttered beyond recognition when someone wants to ride with you in it? You could have washed your car a week ago, had it all cleaned out, just waiting for someone to ask for a ride. The moment you have to load up some things, or like me a lot of things, THAT's when someone asks for a ride. Now, I know, the 'easy' answer to that is - Well, keep your vehicle clean 24/7 and you won't have that problem. I am not that organized nor am I anal enough to pull that one off. So, what is my point here? None, other than the initial question I posed: Have you ever noticed that your vehicle is only cluttered beyond recognition when someone wants to ride with you in it?

I have started playing around with podcasting. I am using PodOMatic (http://davidinark.podomatic.com/) and I like it. I mean, the site can be a bit slow and sometimes cantankerous (like most sites), but it will be easy enough to show teachers how to do it and they can start up their own podcasts. Best of all, it's free. Hello!? My recordings are things I have posted on my distance learning blog, so they may not be earth-shattering, but it is giving me practice and materials with which to train, right? :-)

I noticed there is a LOT of discussion as to what Progressive Field's new nickname should be. Some people suggested "The Prog" or "The Sive" but, really, that's just not right. My favorite suggestion thus far, though? "The Field Formerly Known as Jacobs" heh-heh, there are some twisted Tribe fans out there!

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