Jan 13, 2008

Posting, but not posting.

Man, I can't really razz my aunt for her lack of posting anymore, can I? It has been DAYS since I've posted, but I didn't realize it because I have ben so busy posting updates to my Indians Cards blog.

I have been FINALLY finishing up on my "12 Days of Christmas" promotion on there, and I thought I had posted on here about the new name for the Indians home field, but obviously, I did not... The Indians stadium will no longer be Jacob's Field, and instead it will be called Progressive Field (not the soup, the insurance folks). What a bummer....

We went to a basketball jamboree today (Saturday) and watch Tyler play some b-ball. A jamboree is like a tournament without brackets, trophies, entry fes for players, etc. Basically, each team plays two games of b-ball. It was fun to watch. Tyler played well, and they won the first game, lost the second...

After the game, we grabbed some lunch and then went to the car dealership in Arkadelphia (where jamboree was) to look at new minivans. We test drove a Grand Caravan SXT. Holy Smokes! That thing was loaded with stuff - two DVD drop-down screns, heated seats, rotating chairs, Sirius satellite touch screen system with MP3 and USB jacks!, a back-up camera, storage out the gazoo, and more! Of course, they wanted a pretty penny for it, but Shan's van is paid off, and she wasn't in a hurry to go from paying ZERO a month to making car notes!

But, we have a pretty good idea of what we'd like in a new mini once she is ready to trade in her 2000 model... :-)

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  1. The pot shall not call the kettle black. eh? I told you why I have lapses. Even explained them on my blog.........