Jan 25, 2008

Random Lunchtime Thoughts

Now that Blogger is no longer blocked at work, I can actually jot down some ideas during lunch. Well, technically, I'm not sure if I am "allowed" to do this, or if it violates the policy. I think I'm okay. If not, well, then I guess I'll have plenty of time for blogging, huh?

Ever have a "stupid morning?" As I got ready got work, I couldn't find my wallet. That's not a big deal, since I tend to leave it in the truck. As I pulled out to take Tyler to school, I realized I did not see my wallet in the truck. We looked and couldn't find it anywhere. My next logical conclusion? It must still be on my desk at the office (I hate sitting on the bloomin thing, so I will often place it on my desk to give my rear-end a rest). About the time I got to work, I remembered that I had bought a couple 2-liters of Coke for Shan yesterday - AFTER work. So, yes, that means I had my wallet with me on the way home, so there was no way it would be in the office. Crap. Normally, I wouldn't care about not having my wallet, since I'm usually a safe enough driver not to get stopped, but I was in the mood for some Taco Bell for lunch, and as you can see by the fact that I am posting AT LUNCH, there was no going to TB... Well, that's okay, too, seeing as how the "fat ass" meal I had from McDonald's yesterday (Quarter Pounder, Large Fries, Large Tea, and a free Apple Pie), I didn't really NEED to go out to eat.

John just reminded me that they were serving soup in the break room here at work. Guess I'll go do lunch after all.

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