Jan 2, 2008

Starting off the New Year right - or wrong

We had our traditional New Year's gathering this year. We had a few friends come over to share in the pre-countdown festivities. This year's offerings included playing the Wii for a bit, followed by a multi-round set of SingStar games! Now, remember, I only have the 80's version and Amped right now. Pop should be here on the 3rd, despite the fact I chose NEXT DAY shipping. That's what I get for ordering over a holiday weekend!

I make a point of which ones I have because all the kids are under 15, so they really didn't know any of the songs. Well, Sarah knew more songs than she was letting on, and we only knew that because she would sing along with the "intro/sample" the game plays while you are scrolling through trying to decide which song will humiliate you the least.. :-)

Anyway, by the end of the evening, we were all having fun singing WAY off key, off pitch, off our ever-lovin rockers - heh,heh I use the term "rockers" loosely...

New Year's Day came and went pretty well until about 2:00pm or so. Then, Shan's abdominal pain kicked up. She had been having pain off and on for a couple weeks. Well, it was in full force Tuesday afternoon and into the night. Finally, around 6 or so, she relented and let me take her to the hospital.

Sure enough, her gall bladder was acting up. In fact, after several hours at Hope Medical Park (Yes, I know, I should have skipped Hope and drove straight to Texarkana), we were transferred to St. Michael's in T-Town. After several MORE hours, we were given a room and Shan was given a LOT of pain medication. The problem is that her body was in so much pain, her pain receptors were soaking up all the medication, so she never really fell asleep. She dozed in and out and still had LOTS of pain.

This morning around (9:30 or so), they took her back for surgery. So, now we wait while she has her gall bladder removed. It turns out she has the same surgeon my mother had down here. Go figure!

I just wanted to thank all my family for the gifts I received for Christmas! In addition to some needed clothing, I also received Crysis (AWESOME game!), the Bee Movie Game, Star Wars Complete Saga for my DS, the SingStar game, a box of baseball cards, the "Major League" trilogy, "Fear Strikes Out" movie, and whole lot of other things that I can't remember right now (I am working on a whole 2 hours max sleep right now)...

I hope your New Year has had a better kick off than ours. Of course, we have some great material for our year-end trivia game, if we decided to try that out this year!

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