Apr 21, 2007

My Birthday, Ticks, and Turnip Greens...

Yes, yes, I had a birthday over the weekend. On Friday, during our 5-year company evaluation, I can't tell you how many people wished me a happy b-day. For me, that's a good thing. The way I look at it, the more people that not only know your birthday, but actually take the time to TELL you happy birthday, the more people you have touched in some way or another (positively and negatively, though I would venture to say that those you touch negatively are not going to be calling you up and wishing you a happy birthday - unless, of course, they are rubbing in the fact that you are now one year closer to death, I guess....).

I received much needed clothes (man, I never thought I would say that!), an RCA Lyra Pearl MP3 Player (very cool! And it takes MicroSD chips for future mega-memory hogging jammin!), "Need for Speed: Carbon" (A PC game in which you race around and upgrade your car, etc!! Very cool!), an electric staplegun/nailer (can you say "Tim Allen" boys and girls?), several DVD's (mostly baseball, which I collect! and SAW III unrated!), some candy (Milk Duds, which will be poured into a bowl of popcorn soon, I'm sure!), and there's a good chance I have forgotten something.... I was treated to Stuffed Peppers, which is one of my favs! :-)

My MP3 player can play Audible.com audiobooks! While searching around the site, I came across the deal below.... You may need to read it a second time, just to be sure... :-)

The Mp3 player also came with a "50 free songs from emusic.com" coupon. I'm all about free music, so I figured what the hey... Have you BEEN to emusic.com? It ain't iTunes, buddy... After some poking around, though, I did find some stuff to keep, so that's very good news... I will not be keeping my monthly subscription though.... I'm all for the independent musician, I just don't like a lot of it, so why bother paying for something I will most likely never use once I get my 50 songs, right?

I am going to program my license plate frame to read: "Thank God for good directions, and turnip greens......well, for good directions, anyway" :-) You know, I really didn't think things could get much more "hick" or "redneck" or whatever, but really, Brad Paisley's "Ticks" blows away nearly every backwoods song I have ever heard... "I'd like to check you for ticks....." Good grief.... Yes, I understand what he is saying and what the song is about, but come on.... check you for ticks!? Do guys really get women with that line? Oy Vay.... :-)

I had something else I was gonna write, but it's about midnight, and well, my brain is shutting down... So, good night, good luck, may the force be with you.....or something... :-)

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  1. Hey, old man! Did you get our card? I amiled it Monday! I thought sure you would have it Thursday, Friday latest.

    I think that Brad Paisley wants to check her for ticks because A) it gets the idea across and B) it was the only word that rhymed to get the idea across. I like the song. It's cute and catchy. I love the song Good Directions and Turnip Greens. Great song!
    And Oy Vay? I thought it was Oi Vay. At least, that's how Myron (Cope) spells Oi.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday. Quit getting older, would ya? I remember helping to change your diapers, give you bottles and holding you. Kind of funny how you started out bald and now, well, you know where this is going.......LOL