Apr 11, 2007

Haley's comet, deadly carnival accident, and other random thoughts

Well, I guess it had to happen... Haley is gone from "Idol." I know both Shan and I voted "no" for her this week, but it still irks me that Sanjaya survives while better singers and performers are booted. Then again, it seems to me that since people like Chris and sanjie so much, perhaps the world has gone tone-deaf after all. the 'new' sound of music is really no sound at all - it is whining, off-key wannabes... Dang, who woulda thunk Eminem was ahead of his time?

This past weekend, a small traveling fair/carnival came through Hope, Arkansas. One of the featured rides was the Sizzler. Apparently, while the ride was in full swing, the restraint system broke free and a 1st grader stood up in one of the cars. By the time people figured out what was happening, he had fallen out (or fallen over) and was (as it was related to me) "scalped...severely..." He died Monday night... Our hearts and prayers are with their families - that of the boy and that of the ride operator.... The ride had been inspected by state officials before the accident.

The contractor is coming Thursday to install our new flooring! I can't wait to see what it's like once it's all done. I have no idea about these things, so I am mainly going to help when he and his assistant(s) need it, and stay out of the way otherwise...

The Little Rock school board voted to let their Superintendent face a hearing before being fired. I have not been following the story and only heard about the trouble tonight on the news.... From the sounds of things, though, it doesn't look good for him... I'm thinking he should resign before he gets fired. Though, I have a feeling even if he did get fired, he'd still find a job here in Arkansas....

MSNBC fired Imus!? Okay, look, it was a dumb thing to say about the girls basketball team. He apologized, now get over it. Whatever happened to "balls?" Whatever happened to "apology accepted?" Whatever happened to "Grow up, people?" Seriously. We now live in a society where you can't say anything without the fear of offending someone, hurting their feelings, and then paying with your soul for it. Of course, all this whining about "he said...and it hurt my feelings.. and boo-hoo.. boo-hoo..." just confirms my suspicions about the trend in music I referred to earlier... Seriously people.... Grow some cahones....

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  1. Chris sucked in his rendition of Smooth. I liked Sanjaya for the first time. Spanish was good and he was kinda sexy. Ilike Phil even though his voice cracked. Latin songs are not easy to do. Blake was definitely the best this week.