Apr 14, 2007

Looking at Vista, TVNow update

I installed a new computer today that had Vista on it. It was the first time I had seen Vista. Now, it was not set up with the 3-d windows etc, so really, it looked like a 'skinned' Windows XP. And then, I tried to find things.... Holy cow, everything moved. On top of that, there really are some very cool new 'eye-candies' to behold. I think my favorite is the icon for folder with pictures. It show a partially opened folder with sample pictures sticking out, only the 'samples' are your own photos that are in that folder... Very cool! :-) Ya know, I was not too keen on switching to Vista, but after having seen it in action and muddling through setting things up, I may decide to bite the Vista bullet.... :-)

I got the kids 1GB cards for their TVNow recorders. Emily spent most of today recording shows and movies. I know the quality isn't great or anything, but the cool thing is that you can take the SD card, stick it in your computer and save the video files... This means, I can have backup copies (that will only play on their TVNows) of their favorite movies. Emily recorded Curious George and Land Before Time. I think I may do Cars tomorrow. This would not replace those DVDs by any stretch, but this would basically build a library of videos the kids could load/delete from their players while the backups were on the PC! Very cool indeed!

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