Apr 11, 2007

Idol, 2nd Chances, and a picnic....

Last night's Idol was pretty bland, I think. Melinda did great, I don't care what anyone says. She knocks them out of the park week after week. Lakisha did well, too, though I have an issue with her mouth or her lisp or something.... It may get her into trouble eventually, I'm afraid. Chris? What can I say? He sucked. Sorry, but I hate the whole 'Timberlake wannabe' sound, look, etc. He was NOT on key, did the worst karaoke version of "Smooth" I believe I have ever heard.... Please, send him packing.... Haley did not do any better, either. Yeah, she looked good (Emily thought she was the cutest), but just couldn't pull off the song. I happened to like Phil's performance. He was a bit low (as in couldn't hear him) at times, but I thought he did a good job overall. Jordin was super - great song, high energy, cute as a button. Blake should have done some beat-boxing. He did well last night, but come on, man, give us what we want - Blake the Beat-Boxer! Sanjaya.... I just can't stand to listen to him sing, no matter WHAT he sings. Yes, he did the only "REAL" Latino singing, but I think the Chihuahua down the road howls better than Sanjie sings.... And, I am pretty sure he was singing about shampoo... Listen to it again and tell me he isn't singing "Tresemme'.. Tresemme'..." :-)

Sorry, this week, the ol' HTML WYSIWYG went wiggy, so I hand-keyed the table in. No colors:
Idol SingerDave's VoteShan's Vote

Going to a PICNIC?
If your favorite (or maybe not-so-favorite) techie mentions something about a picnic when discussing your computer problem, you may want to deck 'em... PICNIC stands for "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer." Ever hear of "Operator Head-space?" How about the good old "ID-Ten-Tee?" As in, ID10T, idiot.... Are ya with me so far? How about, "The problem exists between the chair and the monitor..." Ah, yes, all clever ways to say, "the user doesn't know jack..."

eBay Second Chance scam...
I am the world's worst about warning people regarding Internet scams. Every time I turn around, I am telling folks to watch for this or that... The latest that I nearly got suckered into is the "2nd chance offer." You bid one something and lose. A few days later, you get an email that says, "Hey, the winner bailed out, and I'm giving you a chance to get the item for your bid price!" The problem? It's a scam. eBay will NEVER send you anything about 2nd chance offers directly - they use the "My eBay" message center. I hope I help at least one person with this info...

If you lose an auction, bid on another. Simple as that.

Having Phyllis Diller walk through the door on "Boston Legal" was another stroke of genius by the folks at that show. We all knew Rachel Welch was not coming through the door, but when it turned out to be Ms. Diller - hilarious!

Oh, I've had a couple people ask me about the question marks when posting the Idol picks and pans... The question marks mean the voter wasn't sure... A "Yes?" means, the person liked the singer, but that singer was not great and voting could go either way. A "No?" means the person did not like the singer, but a redeeming factor may save the singer (history, possible future performances, etc). A question mark by itself means the voter didn't know what to think... :-)

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