Jan 23, 2009

So, how much do you spend for Valentine's Day?

The nano is about $150 at your local retailer. Of course, online, you can get it engraved for free if you order it through Apple.

But, my question is this: How much do you (or does your significant other) spend on Valentine's Day? And, if it hits the $150 mark, what are the chances the recipient does not already have an iPod? I mean, if you are willing to spend $150 for V-Day, then I assume you are the type to break out $600 or $1000 easy for B-Days and Christmas, right? And, if that is the case, then isn't it likely that you've already bought (or received) an iPod before V-Day? And, probably not a NANO either, but the 'real' one with a gazillion megabytes of storage, too.

Of course, I could be wrong here. Or, if you have already bought your loved one an iPod for another holiday, I'm guessing it wasn't a PINK one, right? So, why not? Buy your loved one an additional iPod and make it pink. Get it engraved. Something sentimental... Like, "I love you and thought you could use another ipod. that way, you could listen to two different things at the same time if you put one headphone in one ear and the other headphone from the 2nd ipod in the other ear."

Oh wait, Apple doesn't allow that many characters... Well, there's always her birthday, right?

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  1. So...and I'm just guessing here...I am NOT getting a pink engraved IPOD nano for Valentine's Day? Ouch!!! (haha)