Jan 19, 2009

Pixar's Wall-Uhhh....

I am usually the first one to jump up and start yelling and screaming to see the latest flick to come out of the Pixar (er, uh, now Disney) studios. For whatever reason, none of the advertising I had seen about the movie compelled me to see it in the theater. When this Christmas came and went, I felt no reason to buy it for our very Pixar-heavy DVD collection.

So, today, during a day off not particularly celebrating MLK, we decided to watch it on pay-per-view. The cost of PPV? $4.95 or so. Worth it? Meh.

The movie is cute enough, and as at least one online reviewer said, "I think it would have been cool had they just used two words throughout the whole movie: Eve and Walle." Basically, I never got into the feeling of the film. I mean, sure, the visuals are nothing short of awesome. But, that's come to be expected from Pixar. The story? Again - Meh.

Okay, so one lone cleaner bot gets caught up in a psycho-robot's 'orders' to keep the spaceship in space. There is the not-quite-subtle dig at humans who sit around and get fat and lazy and who have made too much trash to live on the earth. There is the seemingly lone plant that will save all of humanity. There is the multitude of comedic scenes where robots take on human characteristics, breaking the rules and creating chaos.

But, in the end, I just didn't get it. To me, it was a lot like the end of Stephen King's "The stand." So, basically, we had to sit through the whole thing just to say we have to start all over again?? Really? Wow, don't hurt me with that one.

I have to say the other thing that annoyed the tar out of me was the whole "A113" thing. Look, when that was an insider's joke, it was fun to find the references in Pixar films. Here, they beat you senseless with it. Give it a rest. We get it. and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, feel free to google it ot look it up on Wikipedia.

Wall-E is a cute enough movie I guess, but if you watch it, just watch it for the animation and for heaven's sake, don't THINK while you're watching it. Oh, yeah, and just forget Fred Willard is even in there....

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