Jan 3, 2009

Finally Fotos!

Finally! Here are some of the pictures we took during the New Year's Eve "bash" we held at our place to ring in the new year. They are presented somewhat randomly because of the new (stupid) way Blogger does pictures now:

In a rare moment, we actually were able to get Tyler and Sarah to sit next to each other and at least PRETEND to like each other. Okay, they like each other, well, maybe 'tolerate' is a better word... :-)

Here, Tyler and Jessica pose for a picture. Aren't we cruel as parents? :-)

Shan shows everyone how to bust a move on DDRHP2, with a little help from Kensley!

Here, Shan is showing off her DDRHP2 skillz!

Sarah and Emily pose for a cute picture:

Kensley shows her daddy (Nick) how to take on the DDRHP2 dance mat:

Michelle gets in the groove on the dance mat, too:

Ah, and here, we wrangled the kiddos for a group photo op. Aren't they just precious!?

Greg and Michelle celebrate their "A" status they reached while tear up the dance floor... Well, 'tearing up' is a bit strong... But, they DID make "A"s...

Greg shows off his "A" skillz in DDRHP2!

We all gather, eagerly awaiting the countdown to 2009!

Here I am... Yeah, even I'M not sure what I'm doing in that shot....

Here I am doing my best "Jerry" imitation (from Boston Legal).. Ya know, the whole wooden cigarette thing... Okay, nevermind...

The whole room marvels at Greg's fancy footwork!

And, last but not least, after everything was said and done, Emily reached into Shan's night table drawer, and pulled out the one thing that says it all:

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