Jan 31, 2009

In the name of Cope... One more in the name of Cope...

While playing around on the 'net, I rediscovered a site I had forgotten about: Steeler Fever. It's all Steelers all the time. They've got wallpapers for your desktop etc, and also have an extansive list of downloadable MP3's related to the boys in black-n-gold.

One song I had not heard yet was "In the name of Cope," a tribute to the late Myron Cope done to U2's "In the name of Love." You can find the song on this page.

I couldn't find lyrics anywhere, so I jotted them down as best I could make out:

One man, he has come and gone
He cheered for the hometown boys
That one man he did testify
Gave us the double yoy (Cope: yoy and double yoy!)

In the name of Cope
One more in the name of Cope
In the name of Cope
One more for Myron Cope

One man called on our defense
The Steelers heart and soul
To one man we will dedicate
Our next Super Bowl (Cope: I love it! I love it!)


(Cope: And the steelers whip into the goal, what can you say?)
(Cope: It's almost quadruple yoy...)
(Cope: MM-Ha! It's goin' crazy! They're wavin' Terrible Towels!)
(Cope: They're dancin'! They're dancin from (some) place to the back)
(Cope: I'm tellin it's outstanding - it's yoy and triple yoy!)

We are the Steeler Nation
Who hail from near and far
Want to win another ring
For the man who said "MM-Ha!" (Cope: MM-Ha!)


(Various Cope voice samples to fade out)

Let's win this one for Cope, boys!

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