Jan 30, 2009

Seeing double (fixing duplicate followers)

My Aunt posed a very good question: Why did I have two followers, and they were both HER!?

The answer, my dear Watson, turns out to be rudimentary. You see, my Aunt had one account when she first signed up with Blogger. When 'following' came about, she added herself as a follower. But, in the course of things, she changed her account information (namely, the email address associated with her account). When she logged in with her new account, she was not following me with that new account, so she clicked to follow me.

The fix was simple. I managed my followers, and simply blocked the now-unused account.

So, if you have multiple copies of the same follower, check your followers and See if one of those no longer has a blog associated with the name. If it says something like "Blogs: 0" then you can block that account and leave the active one, well er, active.

Hope this helps! And special thanks to my Aunt for noticing the duplicate followings. Thanks to my Aunt for also changing her information that created a learning situation for yours truly. That one is one the house... :-)

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