Jun 25, 2008

Tiger Woods $36000 Apple Core PULLED

Earlier today (Wednesday), I read a post about an Apple Core that was being sold for $36000 on eBay:

"I was at the US Open this Friday, following Tiger Woods down the 12 th Fairway, after his tee shot, he was eating an apple, 30 yards from his ball he discarded his apple core in the rough, I asked a photothe to kick it over my way, and he did, I never touched the core, Scooped it up in a empty beer cup, as not to disrupt the DNA, Ive got lots of witness'...all moneys go to my daughters college fund."

If you try to find that auction now, you will get the following page:

Evidently, eBay pulled the auction after the winning bid reached $#36,000 for an EATEN APPLE! How ridiculous can some people be?? To me, the funniest part was that the seller was charging $6.95 for shipping! Come on, I just paid thirty-six GRAND for an eaten apple, and you can't just send it to me??

Now, of course there are copycat auctions all over eBay... Just do a search for "Tiger Woods Apple" and you'll see what I mean....

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