Jun 22, 2008

Let the whirlwind tour begin

Okay, technically, I should say that the whirlwind tour of duty began last week with my conference in Hot Springs. Sunday (June 22), Shan heads off to Orlando for a teacher's conference. When seh comes back, we will spend a day and a half together, and then I will be off to San Antonio for NECC 2008. When I come back from that, I will get a few hours rest before we all head out in the wee hours of the morning for Disney World!

We got a call at SIX-THIRTY this morning, telling Shan that the Supt would be waiting for her at the school in 30 minutes. Supposedly, the caller had left a message on Thursday, but we know that's a lie because Shan was home except for part of the day, and the answering machine had no message from this person. But, whatever.

So, in a mad dash, Shan got ready (she had packed the night before) and we took her to the school and sent her off to DISNEY WORLD for her teacher's conference.

I'll keep ya updated!

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