Jun 29, 2008

In the name of water conservation

I can't possibly tell you about the happenings in San Antonio without talking about the water conservation ploy going on in the hotel... The commode has two switches on the top - one is a half-flush, the other a full.

If only "deposit" bodily FLUIDS, then you give the thing the half-flush in order to save water. If you have to have SOLID waste, you push the full-flush button.

Seriously. I couldn't make that up if I wanted to! I've tried both types of flushes, in the name of experiementation (which means I actually WASTED water, I guess). The half-flush is just enough water to turn the bowl back to clear. The all-out flush is enough to flood the building! I thought I was going to have to run downstairs and buy somegoggles at the front desk!

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