Jun 7, 2008

Chicken and Egg, baseball, and me being my dorky self...

As promised from my earlier post, here are some pictures I took today while we were at the "Chicken and Egg" festival. Emily had a ballgame this morning at the ball field where the festival is held. The photos aren't really in any order, so just enjoy!

A shot of the "midway" at the festival:

I saw these and thought it made a cool arrangement:

Here I am, holding Emily's green balloon, her pink baseball bag, and her purple sports drink:

Emily's T-Ball team is on the field!

It may be hard to see, but there are three flags waving above various buildings over Prescott. Cool pic of small-town America:

Tyler feeds some of his snow cone to Kensley during Emily's ballgame:

Emily steps up to the plate! Of course, this is the ONE time I do not go around to the other side to take her picture, so she smacks the ball as it comes off the machine!

Emily runs to 2nd base!

Emily reaches 1st with no problem!

Here's Emily heading for 3rd!

Tyler takes Kensley for a walk (or is it the other way around?):

Here's a shot of a couple of the food vendors and tents at the festival:

Kensley discovers the cup holder!

Does that sign say "BEER HUT!?" We live in a 'dry' county, so you are not allowed to buy or sell alcohol here:

OH, my mistake....

A shot of some of the vendor tents at the festival:

Kensley gets a close-up view of Emily's ballgame!

Emily stands at the plate, ready for the ball:

Emily crosses the plate to score!

Emily watches the ball as it comes towards her:

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  1. I love when I read about you and your dad and some of your memories. Makes my heart happy. Great pics of Em at the game! Love ya, Mom