Jun 10, 2008

First workshop of the summer

Monday was my first official workshop of summer. For those that don't know, part of my job is to teach teachers and administrators how to use technology or to demonstrate different technologies they may not be aware of. Monday fell into the latter category.

When the participants came into the workshop, we talked about virtual field trips and interactive video programs. For the first part of the session, the participants went online to take virtual tours of the Little Rock Governor's Mansion and the Little Rock Central High School. It's all web-based and is pretty thoroughly done.

After that, Historic Washington state Park dialed up our video system (which had been temporarily hooked up in the computer lab) for an interpretive program. It was all VERY cool. Except for one thing - serious break-up during the session. Because we held the session in the computer, the video conference had to share the connection to the Internet with the lab computers. Basically, this is like driving a semi on the same two-lane road as 25 other cars. There is a LOT of traffic!

My solution was to announce to the class that they would not be needing their computers for this part, and to please refrain from surfing the 'net during the video program. Things cleared up. Well, for a while anyway. See, any time the program would start breaking up again, I noticed that one guy had his hand on his mouse and was surfing the web. Again, I politely asked that no one use their computers during the program. Again, things cleared up for a bit. See a pattern here?

Well, we disconnected after the first program was finished, and before the second one started, I told everyone to SHUT DOWN and TURN OFF their computers. I absolutely HATE punishing the whole class for one clown, but sometimes it's just easier. Well, smart-butt reaches under his desk and turns off the MONITOR but leaves his computer running. Like I'm an idiot or something! So, when he gets up to use the restroom, I tell eveeryone to cut the power to their stations (though I say to do that so I won't have to at the end of the session). I casually walk over to doofus's desk and cut the power.

When he comes back from his break, HE FLIPS THE SWITCH BACK ON! Are you kidding me with this!? I point-blank tell him, "You won't need your computer for the rest of the day, so we are leaving them turned off. Thank you." And, you know what?? The 2nd program went without a hitch. Imagine that...

I don't know why people have to act like they are 5 years old. I teach adults NOT children. i specifically do not WANT to teach children. i have two, and that is already more than I can handle, I don't need a classroom full... Then, I get goofballs like th teacher in this class who might as well be a child.

Maybe I'm not really speaking English...

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  1. They're called assholes, Dave. There's one in EVERY crowd!!!!