Jun 14, 2008

A phone-in play!

My Aunt jumped over to read my ongoing scratch-off gmae (well, ongoing until it's over, right?). She then came back over here to call in a play from this blog! That's a first, so far as I can tell... There was some dicussion regarding the rules and whether or not a play could be called in like that, but ultimately, the decision was to ignore any possible infraction and let her play from here!

Unfortunately, the spot she picked was a strike out... But, hey, nothing says she can't pick another spot and try again!

1 comment:

  1. Okay. I didn't go to the other blog and then "jump" back on this one to play. I picked my spot from the pic you have on your post about the game that shows the "board" to pick from. This time I will go to the correct blog to play..........