Jun 29, 2008

Blogging from NECC - Sunday

Heya! I woke up before the alarm clock this morning, so I figured I would get dressed and head on in to the Convention Center. Let me tell ya, I could have walked had I known how close the hotel was. Oh well, it was a nice ride, plus the driver turned out to be the driver for the San Antonio Missions minor league team! That was cool!! He asked where I was from, then asked how far Springdale was from Hope because they will be in Springdale later this week! Excellent!

The first thing I did after registration was to buy a cool cowboy hat with the NECC2008 logo on it. I'll have someone take my picture and then I'll post it. :-)

Don't forget to check out my up-to-date adventures at http://necc2008.blogspot.com/!

I'll check in with y'all in a bit!

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