Dec 1, 2007

So, what did YOU do on December 1st?

We woke up at 5:30 this morning so that we could get ready to go to Tyler's basketball games. The coach said the bus was leaving at 6:46am SHARP.

We left the house at 6:30, heading for the Middle School. About the time we get close, Tyler says, "We are meeting at the HIGH SCHOOL!" Of course they are... So, we cruise down the road over to the High School, and Tyler hops on the bus.

At 7:00am, the bus pulls out (so much for SHARP!), and we head to Murfreesboro, about 35 minutes or so away. Since the girls played the first game, Tyler's first game started at 8:30ish. He is third string, but because several of his teammates recently got ALE (kinda like in-school suspension), Tyler was able to play much more than he would have normally. I am glad he enjoys playing. So far, he is about as good as I was at that age... Okay, who am I kidding, I still possess the same basketball skills I had at that age, and Tyler is right there with me, though he may exhibit more aptitude than I have to a certain degree... :-) They played a 2nd game at 9:30ish.

After the games, we dropped by the Sonic there (yes, they have a Sonic), and headed home.

We hung out for a while, and then at 12:30, Shan's Mom invited us over for lunch. Shan's Dad and brother had grilled out, so we all had a picnic on the picnic table outside. (I'll let that sink in) It was so warm today, we had a cookout, and ate OUTSIDE. Tomorrow (Sunday) the high is expected to be around 75-78 degrees. Yes, in December. Of course, on Monday, we're looking at 60 for the max... As they say here, "If you don't like the weather in Arkansas, just wait."

So, what did YOU do today?

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  1. The picnic was cool! Your mom told me about it. Basketball games at 8:30ish a.m. is a good thing when your a parent. The not doing the homework and having to dole out a punishment is the part that sucks..........