Dec 19, 2007

Killing Time

As the week winds down and we head toward Christmas break at work, I have been killing some of the "dead time" by playing a couple Flash games. Yes, I know, I should be doing more constructive things, but I really don't play long or often.

One of the games I play is called "Havoc Mountain." You control a snowball that rolls downhill. As it rolls, it gets bigger. You have to steer the growing snowball to try and run over as many skiers and snowmen as possible, all the while avoiding trees and signs. I have no idea what the online high score is, but I racked up a nice score the other day:

Another game I play is called Monkey Kick-off. A monkey plays hackey-sack with a ball, and you have to time things just right so that when he kicks the ball, it goes flying. The goal is to reach the Monkey Village at 4000 Monkey Meters. As you can see, I was able to finally get a good way's in to the village (no easy task):

Tuesday was the Co-op's Christmas party. I wore my T-Shirt that looks like a Santa suit with "Does this suit make me look fat" in the upper left corner. It was quite a hit, and I was told that next year, I was required to bring enough for everybody! After all, I am not the only one allowed to hide behind a suit while basically eating all day.. :-)

On Monday night, Emily had been invited to a friend's birthday party at Pizza Hut. As we gathered up our stuff to head out to the restaurant, Emily looked at us and asked, "Are y'all going to the party?" We told her that we were, to which she replied, "Well, can't you just drop me off?" After a round of laughter (Shan and I were laughing, Emily was not), we told her that we would NOT be dropping her off. She thought for a moment and asked, "Well, then could you sit where we can't see you?" Tyler's response: "She is a teenager trapped in a 5-year old's body!" Boy, did he get THAT one right! Since when do FIVE-YEAR OLDS get embarrassed by their parents!? Oh wait, *I* am her father... Yeah, I guess I can understand her reluctance to have me within eye or ear shot.... LOL

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