Dec 21, 2007

Santa Shirt and Christmas is almost here!

I've had a couple people ask me about the "Santa Shirt" so I thought I would post a picture of it:

Jess and Nick (with Kensley, of course!) headed out to Colorado today. They came over Shan's Mom's place last night (Thurs night) and we all hung out for a while. Kensley loves to sit up, but she hasn't quite got her balance yet. :-) It is quite cute! There is supposed to be snow in Colorado as they get in, so we're all praying they stay safe in their 4x4!

Emily is VERY excited about Christmas and cannot wait for the big day to get here. She is counting down the days! Today (Friday), she has her party, so I will hang out with for a bit then we are going to my work for half a day. She even made up presents for John and Marilyn!

Tyler has been struggling with school this semester, so I think he's just happy to be out of school for two weeks. I can't really tell if he is excited about Christmas or not. Of course, he is entering the teenage years, and that too has been cause for some friction. His holiday spirits may be a bit dampened, but hopefully they will perk up once he is finally out of school! :-)

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  1. Nice Santa Suit, Dave. Actually, the suit makes you look thinner....

    You were a teenage boy yourself. I always thought that once the belief in Santa was gone, the Christmas thing was as fun. That may be part of Ty's lack of spirit. And I am sure is thinking about grandpa, too. It was really hard on Nick when Pap died and I don't think he EVER got over it. I think Tyler has a little more pressure with the school thing because his mom is a teacher. Every parent wants their kid to get straight A's, but some kids just aren't straight A kids. Just some advice from one parent to another........Hope you take it with the good that was intended and I'm not telling you how to raise your kid or anything.

    Enjoy the spiritedness of Emily. It won't be long till she doesn't believe anymore either.