Dec 11, 2007

Mindless Fun and Microsoft Home Server

Shan went out for supper tonight with friends from work, so the kids and I just kinda hung out after we ate supper. One of the things we found came from AT&T. You can go to their online site and make your own shirts, mugs, etc that have combinations of city names that you type in... So, we made some, and once Tyler mastered the formula, he came up with is own (the "preschoolrocks"). The kids really got into, creating combinations of names, places, sports teams, etc. And, sometimes, the goofy things can actually read as a complete thought:

Speaking of mindless fun, a while ago, I came across a program that lets you save flash animations, videos, etc to your computer and then play them offline! Talk about a great time! The programs are called "Flash Saving Plugin" and "SWF Viewer," available from UnH Solutions. Included with the applications is the SWF cache viewer, which lets you See all the flash files that have been saved in the temporary folder on your computer. You can then save those to another place on your computer for playing later. It's a great way to snag your favorite games or youtube videos, etc.

One of the games I have been playing is called "Monkey Kickoff." I recently set my own high score of 4208 Meters! You can actually watch the replay HERE, if you are so inclined...

Vladville contained a post this morning regarding Microsoft's new Home Server. This product sits on its own computer and acts as a central storage point for all the computers on your home network. For me, the biggest selling point is the fact that it does FULL, AUTOMATIC backups of EVERY computer on your network! For my house, that is my main computer, the kids computer, and Shan's laptop. Additionally, I "could" connect my work laptop and the Q1 to it and get them backed up as well.

Let me take a step, er, back, a moment. Vlad's post discussed some of the difficulties of setting up his Home Server, and I could not see any real benefits (other than backup) to people buying it. Later in the day, a school tech stopped by and he already had Home Server up and running and we could access it from the office. He showed us what it could do. I was hooked instantly.

In addition to backups, Home Server can also serve as a central point for all your music, you can rip your DVDs (with the right software) to it (allowing you to watch the movies on ANY PC in your house), share documents, files, etc, and more. You can create web pages for each person in your household with blogging, etc. It also runs Sharepoint! It looks very, very promising, and I am ready to buy a copy asap (well, as soon as I can cull together a pc to run it on). Very cool stuff!

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