Dec 27, 2007

Christmas Time!

We had a lot of fun this Christmas, and we had a lot of tears. This was the first "real" Christmas without my Dad. He was in Houston or Kuwait or something this time last year, but we were still able to talk to him. This year, he was not here, and there were times it was pretty hard. I think the hardest moment was when Shan got her two pounds of chocolate. See, every year, my Dad bought his daughters-in-law two pounds of chocolate - a tradition handed down by his father. This year, Mom provided the chocolate in my Dad's honor. It was very moving for everyone.

We took lots of pictures, but I won't bore you with all of them. So, here is a smattering of images from Christmas this year with the Hendersons:

One of the few moments there actually was some "peace on earth!"

Shan is swallowed up by her presents and by Emily's presents nearby!

I'm not sure what Emily opened up, but it sure got Shan's attention!

Emily cannot believe Santa left them a note (and ate the cookies and drank the milk, no less)!

This is our tree, unaware of the attack about to come underway by our kiddos!

This is a close up

Emily watches as Shan looks at the Mickey and Minnie felt poster the kids colored for her.

Shan is about to give Emily a kiss for the homemade gift the kids made. Tyler and Emily wanted to make Shan something with Mickey Mouse, so they used modeling clay, puff balls, craft sticks and more to create Mickey, Minnie and other pieces for their gift.

The kids get ready to play Santa!

Tyler reads the note left by Santa - he got a new jacket since his was lost.

Emily looks on in total shock as she opens her Polly Pocket playset. She wanted a Polly Pocket with clothes and had some boys. She got BOTH in one present!

Emily hands out gifts while playing Santa.

The picture says it all....

Tyler opens the first part of his big surprise from my Mom - A WII!!

Tyler was still in shock that he got a Wii for Christmas! Since Christmas Day, we have all played it a lot! I have been completely amazed how interactive and how fun it is!! Been getting LOTS of exercise!

Shan gets a Mickey with her name on it!!

Emily asked her Mimi for a very specific dollhouse... And boy did she get it!

Why is Shan so surprised about her sweater?? (See next picture)

Shan and Emily were given matching winter sweaters for Christmas!

It was a very Mickey Christmas for Shan!

My Mom gave Shan a very special ornament... :-)

One of the coolest gifts Shan got this year was a set of Lenox Mickey's!

I got a very cool Tribe hat!

And, this was a very Tribe Christmas for me!! I'm looking forward to installing my new hitch "cover!"

I have never seen these before! They are headrests for the front seats in my truck!

Since I also collect Coke stuff, I got a very cool book!

The shirt not only sports a vintage "Wahoo," but it has my NAME on the back! In fact, Tyler and Emily got one too!

I have seen these in magazines, so I was VERY excited to open this up!!

How about some cool Tribe sweats? Mom got me these, and Shan had gotten me some camo flannel pants, so I will be warm for sure!

I also got a cool light jacket with the Indians logo on it!

And, to my surprise, I also got ANOTHER Tribe framed picture with my name on it!

Here is Mom with the book we gave her. The book is a printed version of Dad's online "Legacy" guestbook. It is very well put together and done in slick, heavy paperstock.

Mom also got a cold-weather set for her trip to the 'Burgh! You can see, she is ready to go!

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