Dec 24, 2007

Gingerbread Throwdown!

Hello, everyone! It's Christmas EVE! Emily woke up very excited because today is Christmas Eve. As our tradition, we go to Shan's parents' house to open their gifts tonight, and the kids are VERY excited!! Of course, poor Emily thought she got to open up the gifts as soon as the sun came up, but we told her last night that it would be later, after supper, when she could open gifts. Though this bummed her out some, she did not let it deter her from being excited about the fact she was going to open presents on Christmas Eve!

Since Jess, Nick, and Kensley were going to Colorado for Christmas, they came over the other day to hang out before their big trip. Emily and Tyler love playing with Kensley!

Nick and Jess drove through Texas, and stopped in Amarillo on their first night. They woke to blowing winds, freezing temps and SNOW and ICE everywhere! In friggin Texas, people!! It was so bad, they could not see the road signs telling them where to turn. They eventually got on the road, and though the posted limits for much of their travels said 75 MPH, they were maxed out around 35! It took them several more hours to get to Colorado than they had planned! At one point, the entry pass to Colorado was CLOSED due to bad weather, but by the time they made it there, they were allowed to pass - slowly!

On Friday, Emily had her school's Christmas party. She had a lot of fun, and got to eat a few snacks (pizza, juice, cookies, candy... just a few..)

I took more pictures, but our camera is wiggin out lately, so they were very blurry... I think the camera has been dropped one time too many, so the image stabilizer and the iris are out of whack... Had I realized how bad it was getting, I might have considered buying a different Christmas present this year... :-) Oh Well!

My Uncle Dean in the 'burgh is a pastry chef. His latest endeavor was a gingerbread village:

You can see more pictures on my Aunt's Blog.
A few weeks ago, Emily wanted to make a gingerbread house, so we bought a kit. Last night, we opened up the box and started construction! As we started out, Shan said we should challenge Dean to a Gingerbread Throwdown (if you are not familiar with this term, there is a show on Food Network called Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Feel free to look it up). After it was all said and done, we're pretty confident we would have won... You know, based on sympathy votes... You be the judge:

I took pictures as Emily and Shan did the construction:

After the house was built, we had to kill 15 minutes while things bonded. So, Emily started decorating the little characters:

I caught her "sampling" the icing!

We used some inventive ways to get the icing onto the house!

But, once everything was done, we thought it was not half-bad for our first-ever gingerbread house!

So, judges? Here are the two creations for the gingerbread throwdown (really, you can be honest... We can take it... It's only the hopes and dreams of a little girl that you're dealing with here... But, really, look them over and tell us which one would win a throwdown... It's okay, really. I mean, it is only Christmas, after all...)

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