May 23, 2007

We have a winner! - Spoiler, Chelle!!

Before I get to my comments on American Idol, I first want to say that Em looked so cute in her cap and gown today during her pre-school graduation. The program was very cute, and featured the kids singing, dancing, and acting out like kids ought to do! :-)

I'll post pictures over the next couple days as we get them loaded into the computer....

Em and I gave Daisy a 'bath' tonight. I have to say, she is one heck of a horse! :-) Even when Emily was flailing around (before I could stop her), Daisy jerked a little, but remained calm. I think she likes getting pampered, and Emily wants to braid her mane and tail, so I think that will make for a cool Sunday project... Assuming her mother helps, since I know NOTHING about braiding, let alone braiding a horse! :-)

After we were done, Daisy got a little treat, then headed off to eat grass and hay... :-)

Jordin Rocks! I am SO glad she won American Idol! As long as she keeps doing what she's good at and doesn't fall into the same crowd as Britney etc, she'll be around for a long, long time... (Not to say that Britney Spears won't be, I'm sure she will, but it just isn't the same...)

Of course, Shan and I agree that Melinda blew the socks off Gladys Knight AND BeBe and CeCe... Sorry, but she left those folks so far in the dust, they'll need shovels to clear their eyeglasses! (Okay, it made sense in my head, and it IS 11:50 at night!)

Luckily we DVR'd the whole thing, so we could fast-forward through the songs we didn't want to hear - which was most of them... Frankly, make the finale a 30 minute show, and be done with it.

Short and sweet tonight, folks... I'm tired... :-)

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