May 29, 2007

Jerry's Body Shop

One of the local auto body shops recently sold out. As we drove past, Mom said, "I didn't know Faulkner's wasn't here anymore..." i said, "Yeah, now it's Jerry's Body Shop." Immediately, Emily gasped with a look of horror on her face, as she said, "You mean they have Poppy's body in there!?"

Luckily, (though I still don't know how) I immediately grabbed on to her line of thinking and explained what a "body shop" was....

...ah... out of the mouth of babes... :-)

It has been a busy few days, thus the delay in posting more... Nick (my cousin, not my brother-in-law) and I finished Mom's deck. It looks great, and she is going to have a plaque made to put on it in Dad's honor.

We drove out to Dad's resting place on Monday, and put a flag at his marker. We didn't have to do any ground repair work this time, though.

We also had a cookout on Monday. I nearly blew myself up... Okay, well, more like 'caught myself on fire.' In fact, anyone that came close to me told me I smelled like I had been burnt. I was adding lighter fluid (after the coals were lit) and was a lit-tle too close to the grill when WHOOSH!... I seriously don't know how I didn't have to 'stop, drop, and roll...' - Grace of God, I would imagine! :-) It was a great scare, though I probably should stick to ugly rubber masks for now on.... :-)

Emily and Tyler both had baseball games yesterday - in the rain. But, they both did very well! Emily got on base twice, and came around for a score twice! Tyler had 3 hits. The first hit of the game (he is lead-off) was a shot that found its way to the fence! On his last at-bat, he was called out at first, but everyone saw he was safe. Oh well, no instant replay in little league....

It's been fun having Nick here, and the kids adore him. He is just as wild as they are, so anything Emily thinks up, he is right there with them. LOL, hard to believe my 'little' cousin is going to be 25 soon... Yeesh, where on earth does the time go?

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  1. I am so glad that you weren't seriously hurt with that lighter fluid! You are NOT supposed to add fluid after the coals are lit, goofus!
    I am glad that Nick and the kids are getting along so great! Nick needs it. It is probably good therapy for him and will give him a taste of what kids are like. Hopefully, if he is still with Mayson, they will get married and have kids. If he is not with her any longer, I hope he finds the right girl and gets married and straightens the rest of his life out. Oh, by the way, he's not your "little nephew", he's your little cousin. Remember?