May 25, 2007

A brief lapse

I had "one of those moments" today... Last night, my Aunt ( fame) called to talk about Idol and other things. Well, we got to talking about the Pittsburgh Spirit (a professional indoor soccer team in the late 70's, early 80's) and specifically about Paul Child. He was one of the best players of his day, and now he heads up the Pittsburgh Riverhounds team. Well, today at lunch, I started poking around, and it turns out that Paul is in the National Soccer Hall of Fame! I was so excited that I copied the URL, started an e-mail, and began entering Dad's address.... Then it hit me... I can't send cool stuff like that to him anymore.... It's the goofy little things that I seem to miss the most......

I had a call on my cell phone from a number I did not recognize. I 'googled' it and it turns out to be the number for Kaplan, an online university thing. Obviously, I filled out a survey at some point and it had my number on it. Anyway, one of the sites that came back is "WhoCalled.Us." This site allows people to submit phone numbers and company info from telemaketers etc. I found it to be very useful! And, of course, that led to a number that appeared on a whole bunch of sites: 1-800-382-5968. Nothing special, except the LETTERS that phone number spells! 1-800-F***-You. And, another number that popped up: 384-5666... What is so special about THAT number? When you dial it, it plays "Mary had a Little Lamb!" Very cool! Of course, it turns out, that the letters are..... EVIL-666... How utterly bizarre.... Not the numbers, but that people actually take the time and energy to figure this stuff out!!

For the record, tyler was HUGELY disappointed in "Idol" last night. He wanted Blake to win. Turns out he really likes Blake's singing, beatboxing, and 'style...' There ya go... One vote for Blake... LOL

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