May 10, 2007

Great Googly-Moogly....

Explain to me how one gets voted ONTO a committee board while one is ATTENDING the meeting!? I was taught that if you're not there, you get picked. I *WAS* there, I *did* get picked! How??

Confused? Let me backtrack a bit... You see, we belong to the local swimming pool (it's private, members-only - don't get me started on THAT subject....). Anyway, we showed up, expecting to hear there would be no pool this year, since the membership has dwindled and the dues keeps going up. Instead, there was a lot of discussion about a huge water leak "somewhere" (can you say ONE MILLION GALLONS OF WATER just gone!?) and a few other things. Near the end of the meeting, the guy running the show (no, I do not know/remember his name) points at me and says, "I nominate him." He doesn't know my name. How do you nominate someone when you don't even know their name!? I'll tell you - they point at you, like you are the accused in a trial and say, "It was him!" So, yeah, now I'm on the Pool Board (or whatever it's called). Let me just say one thing - I have a bad feeling about this..... :-)

I finally recharged my digital photo keychain (I had lost the USB cable), and added some pictures to it. It really is a very cool tech 'toy!' I got it as a gift for my birthday last year while at a State tech plan meeting thingy... LOL... :-)

I put pictures of my Dad in it, and now that I have it charged, I can pull them up whenever I want, where ever I go.... Part of me wishes I had done that more before, but I cannot change the past and instead must learn from it and take baby steps forward....

I can't believe it is coming up on two weeks.... This time two weeks ago, life was...normal.... A lot of people aren't sure what to say, so they ask things like, "How are you doing?" or "How are you holding up?" I tell them the truth - we have our good moments, and our very rough moments. I've heard that time is the great healer. We thought we had all the time in the world..... Apparently, time is also quite a thief......

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  1. When your Pap passed away, I learned that life is short. Do NOT wait till a milestone to do this or that. Do it NOW! Grandma and Pap had CD's in the bank (certificates of deposit, not cd's to listen to) and never used the money. They wanted to always go to Hawaii and never did it. Then grandma got cancer, had the surgery and the rest is history. If there are monumental things you want to do in life, do them now, cause you never know if there will be a tomorrow!

    I doubt that Pap packed up after Brian caught the duck. He was such a patient man. Especially when it came to teaching kids to do something or letting them learn something. You probably fished longer than you think!