May 25, 2007

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho...

Warning: Techie stuff ahead.... Emily came to work with me today (Friday). We had to stop at one of the school districts that we service, and she 'helped' me with a Novell Netware issue they were having. Now, it has been at least two years since I've seen Netware, ConsoleOne, or Groupwise.... But, a little poking here, prodding there, and I had them back up and running with ConsoleOne including the Groupwise snap-ins! It was a great feeling!

After that, I drove to the office and tried to get whatever work I could get done. Actually, I answered a bunch of email, took several phone calls, and got some things done. Unlike her brother, Emily does NOT sit still for hours on end... Instead, she likes to play with something for a bit (10-30 minutes max) and then she is ready to move on to the next thing... It can be a bit frustrating and tedious, but it's worth it when she hands me a picture she's drawn, or comes over to give me a hug... :-)

I have been helping Shan study for her National Boards. I am not an educator by trade, so a lot of the things we studied were over my head, but it really helped her to go over the various pieces and parts for her big test on Saturday. Wish her luck! :-)

It's 12:20 on Saturday morning, and a bit past my bedtime, especially since my brain is full of all these Naational Board terms and concepts!

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