May 22, 2007

Jordin kicks Blake's ever-lovin boohonkus!

Blake started off strong. "You Give Love a Bad Name" is by far Blake's best song all season, and he did a pretty good job tonight. Though, really, I didn't like it as much as I did the first time. Jordin's "Fire" was good except for the parts where she talked so fast, you couldn't understand what she was saying. Maybe that has more to do with the fact I never heard the song before.

In any case, Jordin showed just why she is one of the most-deserving finalists of the title - "American Idol." Holy smokes, that girl can sing! And when she broke down at the end of "This is My Now," you knew she was living the lyrics she was singing... Hands-down incredible! Way to go Jordin!

At the end of Idol, Ryan was welcoming someone back or something... We missed it because DVR loves to cut off the final couple minutes of shows... If you know what happened at the very end, PLEASE let me know!

Tyler's baseball team came into the final inning in a 2-2 tie. What happened next is the stuff of ESPN's SportsCenter... Tyler and his team racked up 8 runs in their last at-bat! HO-LY COW! By all rights, as soon as they got to 3, the game should have been over. But, they play until the time limit or the end of the last inning, which ever comes first. So, in an incredible rally, the boys were racking up points faster than the other team could switch pitchers. It was great! :-) Tyler had 1 hit, was walked once, three stolen bases, scored twice and struckout once. He did great, and so did the rest of his team! Way to go Astros!

On Wednesday, Emily graduates from Pre-school and moves to kindergarten! She is very excited and even got her nails done to celebrate. What a cutie! :-)

Well, I did not sell my travel trailer (a fact that Emily celebrates ever chance she gets) today. The prospective buyers just couldn't afford to pay what I wanted/needed for it. I don't really mind one way or the other. Heck, if anything, it forced me to clean it up and clean it out.... So, this coming weekend, I will probably be going through boxes and bags to see what I'm keeping and what gets pitched for good...or maybe sold on eBay...

Hey, there is a new TV series coming to Fox and it is "based" in Pittsburgh! I saw the promo during "Idol" and immediately recognized the 'Burgh skyline! I hope to remember to watch it... :-)

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